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Electronic Cigarettes will Be Prohibited Completely in Taiwan

      Taiwan China network Reported by “East forest press” in Taiwan, deputy speaker of the executive Zhang Xiuzhen expressed that "constitutional court" and "standing committee" had reached an agreement that the government will amend “the smoke prevention law” stating that electronic cigarettes will not be allowed to produce, input, sell and advertise in the future.  People who violates will be fined at most 250 thousand new Taiwan currency. The professor of law in Taiwan university Li Maosheng said, “it is the strictest law.”

      It is reported that the administration institute expressed that “the smoke prevention law” hadn’t been amended so that many parts of it don’t conform to FCTC and fall far behind the international. And electronic cigarettes have nicotine and are easy to explode.

      The administration institute expressed that the government will strengthen the control on electronic cigarettes. Besides, they will prohibit adding smoke flavor, enlarge the warning sign to 85% of the packaging and increase legal and medical aids. If the dealers get hurt because they discourage smoking or refuse selling cigarettes to people under 18, they will get aids. What’s more, the law prohibits that tobacco sellers give sponsor at the name of tobacco, which is prohibited now by documents and will be put into the law in the future.

      Li Maosheng expressed “it will be the strictest law”. If the government has the courage, next step will be prohibiting the production, selling, inputting and ads of cigarettes because smoking is like taking drugs, which will harm survival of Taiwan ethnic group. (Taiwan China network, Li Ning)
      Coordinating editor: Tong Fang

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