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A Mini E-cigarette for New Vapers

Would you like your belongings are small when you are out of the house? Are you worried about the vapor effect of e-cigarette while you use a small one? Are you worried about that a mini electronic cigarette cannot bring a good feeling? Now, the popular Wismec Reuleaux RXmini solves your problems.

Wismec Reuleaux RXmini Starter kit has a compact size that is easy to hold and use. Its size is 44.5*35.5*58.0mm, which is the same as a small box, so we can see how small it is. We take it out just like bringing a small box that saves the space. And then Reuleaux RXmini has a good touch feeling when holding in the hand, because its structure design fits human's hand muscle.

Although the size of Reuleaux RXmini is small, it contains a powerful output. 2100mAh built-in battery offers a maximum output 80W. The electricity can stay a long time and promise to meet your requirement when you are out. This power can also bring you good vaping experience. You can imagine how convenient the Reuleaux RXmini is, a mini but powerful e-cigarette.

What's more, there are various modes for enjoyment. Reuleaux RXmini is equipped with switchable VW, Bybass, TC-Ni, TC-Ti, TC-SS, and TCR mode. If you want to have a different vaping experience, you just need to switch the mode. The more choice, the richer experience. And the operation is not difficult for us.

Small things are not worse than big ones. Reuleaux RXmini is a kind of small ecig, but it features powerful output and various modes which give you extreme vaping experience as the same as the big one. And its small size and convenience are not possible with the big one. The mini ecig Reuleaux RXmini is worth for you.

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