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Are You a Real Vaper?---Five Characteristics of Vapers

In the eyes of ordinary people, e-cigarette enthusiasts can be described as a strange existence. They are willing to pay big bucks for e-liquid or a bunch of equipment, but when they pay for other things, they probably hesitate for a second. In their eyes, e-cigarettes are not a simple tool to swallow a cloud, but a way of life and even a kind of "faith."  There are 5 major features of E-cigarette enthusiasts, and do you agree?

1. You have many kinds of e-cigarette and e-liquid already, however, you are still be eager to buy new ones.
2. You could tell more than 10 kinds of advantages and disadvantages about e-cigarette equipment or e-liquid.
3. You are very clear that every e-cigarette should use its suitable e-liquid. When your friend ask you about the brand he should match with his e-cigarette, you can always help them.
4. When people talk about politics, you feel sleepy, but when it comes to e-cigarettes, you can not stop talking!
5. Your e-cigarette kit is available in your car, golf bag and even baby carriage.

We could see how charming the e-cigarettes are. Every vaper has his own story with vapes and he could talk about e-cigarette with his friends every time they meet. There are many people who are very familiar with the internal structure of the e-cigarette. They can even disassemble and assemble the e-cigarette easily, such as Eleaf iStick Kiya with GS Juni! Well, Do you think that you are you a real vaper now? Tell me other features that vapers share in common!

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