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Prime Mover RTA Atomizer Review

PRIME MOVER re-buildable tank atomizer, a very attractive mode, is designed and produced by Gemz company. It weighs 60 g, with a size of 24*53 mm. The oil capacity of PRIME MOVER is 3 ml.

Taking a look at the starter kit, it always includes an atomizer, a backup glass tank, a dropper, and screws, etc. Vendors are all very considerate. To be honest, this RTA is a quality product with favorable texture. And you can see all the accessories on the website clearly. Though it is a little difficult to fix the fused coil, twisting screw is quite an easy job for users. And there is one thing deserving your attention that you have to fix the dual coils at the same time.

To have an enjoyable flavor, you are also advised to make the wraps more intensive so that the e-liquid in the cartridge has a uniform heat distribution and generates flavorful taste. Then it is also advisable to take the following tip that inserting cotton immediately after the coil cools down and keeping the cotton beneath the oil holes can help you avoid a dry burn.

These are also the main factors contributing to big clouds as well as a enjoyable flavor. In addition, you also need to make a good connection in the case of leaking oil when you are threading e-cigarette for atomizer. The way of filling oil is new. What you need do when refilling the cartridge is pressing and turning the particular button.

In general speaking, PRIME MOVER RTA is a product of high quality and of exquisite design. Apart from these, it requires a foolproof operation and provides massive vapor with no leaking oil. All the features make this vape meet consumers’ need better. Wish you an enjoyable experience with Prime Mover RTA atomizer.

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