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Why Do Many Smokers Choose E-Cigarettes?

       As we all know, smoking is bad for our health. The relevant department has published much knowledge about the harm of traditional smoking and even take measures to stop smoking. Although people of different levels try to reach an agreement on the harm of traditional cigarettes, the statics show that high to 40 million adults in America still smoke. American director of health reported in 2014 that nearly 480 thousand people in the U.S. died early in the result of smokes concerning almost all known cancers. So the harm of cigarettes to our health is oblivious.

       Traditional cigarettes not only do harm to the smokers but also produce second-hand smoke which also does great damage to non-smokers. Even the cigarettes with filters can not be proved effective. Then is there any better choice than traditional cigarettes to reduce the harm?

       It occurs to me that we can take e-cigarettes. Experts proved that e-cigarettes can take good place of the traditional cigarettes.

1. E-cigarettes in fact can help to get rid of the craving for tobacco.
       Nicotine has been proved that it will cause cancer so that the use of nicotine is thought as crimes for years. In many countries, more and more people fail in quitting smoking. Besides, those who succeeded are easy to recur. Nicotine withdrawal symptoms are strong, which will cause recurring. But the curving for smokes can be reduced. E-cigarettes can meet you curving and at the same time reduce your physical addiction to nicotine so you can quit smoking step by step.

2. You can have more freedom.
       You can smoke e-cigarettes at any place, including restaurants, office building, hotels or other public places which prohibit smoking. You don’t need to avoid the “non-smoking” areas. You can enjoy your e-cigarettes at any places without the worry of being interrupted, arrested or complaint because they just produce the vaporing instead of smokes.

       Most people especially non-smokers agree that the smell of traditional cigarettes is offensive and irritating. But by the non-smoke device can you use it freely causing no harm to others.

3. E-cigarettes are purer and fresher.
       Not all smokers choose to make others including friends and relatives know they in fact smoke(for some reasons). Unlike traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes will not leave any fragrance on their shirts or hair.

4. There are more flavors and more happiness in smoking e-cigarettes.
       The e-cigarettes of Kanger made different fun. There are many flavors including cheery, herb, strawberry and so on. Many flavors give vaporing strong pleasant sensation and safer sense.

       So what you need to know is the right choice of using e-cigarettes and your liked e-liquid. Whiling vaporing different e-liquids, you will feel differently.

5. you don’t need to spend much on it.
       E-cigarettes have all kinds of styles and colors. You can see some products of Kanger before buying. Some designs look like a phone, a ball-point pen or a tube while others look like traditional cigarettes in color, shape and size.

       Besides, you don’t need to spend much on them. The cost of smoking traditional cigarettes in a month are twice than that of e-cigarettes. Just think, haw many bags of cigarettes you need to buy in a day while you can enjoy e-cigarettes for a long time just by a bottle of tobacco oil.

6. E-cigarettes are more environmental-friendly and safer.
       Many fires are caused by smokes. Most of the time, it is easy to cause the emergencies while burning cigarettes meet with flammable substance. But such threats from e-cigarettes don’t exist because it doesn’t produce smokes and use fire. They also tend to reduce the damage and pollution from the traditional cigarettes although the ideal aim is to quit smoking and reduce excess intake of nicotine.

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