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British Government Councilman is Urging the Congress to Hold an All-Year Campaign of Promoting Electronic Cigarettes

"Stoptober” is an activity for encouraging smokers to give up smoking, which is initiated by NHS. The gist of the activity is to encourage them to quit smoking. It provides a lot of suggestions. If smokers want to quit it, the organizer will recommend a series of products of electronic cigarettes, including nicotine replacement therapy.

▲British official website of quitting-smoking activity in Oct.
According to the statistics, the activity in Oct. was successful, which encouraged many smokers to choose electronic cigarettes. The statistics suggests that the electronic cigarettes are the the first choice of quitting smoking for smokers because it is safer than ordinary cigarettes. Due to the fact, this activity requires participants to use electronic cigarettes and imitate the act of smoking. There is a stable stage of transition from smoking to non-smoking.

So, Gareth Johnson, the deputy chairman of the British parliament was supervising and urging the Congress to make use of Stopober to launch another all-year activity in the house of Commons last Wednesday(1st, Nov.), which is hoped to continue to boost the electronic cigarettes to be the good way of quitting and reducing smoking harm.

The following is taken from the official documents:
The councilman is calling on that the government should regard the electronic cigarettes for quitting smoking as an activity for disseminating British policies of public health.

The councilmen and the noble urged the government to build the “Stoptober” on 1st, Nov, which was the first time to encourage to use the electronic cigarettes for quitting smoking.

In their report, APPG has called on the government and public health agency to use their credibility to involve the public in the quitting-smoking campaign and promote Stoptober as a continuous plan of exploring healthy campaign of quitting smoking.

▲ British healthy agency published a promotional video on its websites.
After this campaign, UKVIA, the biggest trade organization representative department reported that its member Stoptober gained a prominent increase in sales during the activity, which appeared on the recently-published bills of controlling tobaccos and promoting quitting smoking by electronic cigarettes the government promised.

It is worth mentioning that British e-cigarette industry association and cross-party association got some statics: there was a prominent increase in the e-cigarettes suits for new hand, which expressed that many smokers tried e-cigarettes for the first time.

▲The e-cigarettes suits for new hand have many advantages, such as easy operation, easy maintaining and cheap price.

The chairman of APPG, Mark, said “positive information about quitting smoking by e-cigarettes has not been widely spread among 7600 thousand smokers in England. The British public healthy campaign is a welcomed try with a prominent result but it needs to be kept not just one-off.

This is why we call on the government to ensure this kind of activities common and continuous. By this can the British government make full use of the potential of public healthy campaign to promote quitting smoking.

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