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Vaporesso Revenger Mini kit Review

As a new member of Vaporesso Revenger, this mini kit is present in front of us this month surprisingly. You can’t imagine how great it is, because it just like a smart revenger who is setting a trap and waiting for you to fall into the trap. You will be immersed in the charm of it, unable to extricate yourself. So, what does this charming e-cigarette like?

How does it come? As you know, Vaporesso's Revenger Kit is an amazing success. No doubt that the brand was being improved to a new height all the time. Using this successful design, the company subsequently introduced Revenger X Kit earlier this year that demonstrated design improvements such as responsive touch buttons and an 8-level vibration setup. After that, the team revised this style combination for the third time. The new Revenger mini kit is a much easier and more compact version of its predecessor.

Unique features it owns. The specs, compared with the senior, the Revenger Mini is 6 mm shorter and 5 mm narrower than the former model, which nearly to be perfect! For the built-in 2500 mAh Li-Ion battery replaces the dual 18650 external battery, now it can provide 85 watts of maximum power and accommodate 220 watts of power. The kit now also includes a small replica of Vaporesso's latest atomizer design, the NRG SE tank---Atomizer is shorter and lighter, providing 3.5 ml or 2 ml capacity. However, this atomizer is particularly noteworthy for the new GT core coil system, which is specifically designed for Vaporesso's preset modes: high, normal and gentle. This advanced coil range includes five varieties, optimized for intense flavor output from medium to high power levels.

Of course, its other features are waiting for you to discover and experience!

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