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Eleaf iStick Tria Review

Just as a quote from Shakespeare says"There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes", it is hard to say what is the best e-cigarette, because the definition of "the best e-cigarette" is different in different people's eyes. For example, some people show their preference towards light-weighted ones, while others may prefer a heavier one. Some people likes single colored ones, while others likes colorful ones.No matter what kind of e-cigarette we like, there is always something that catch our eyes and enjoys popularity by a large number of people.

Eleaf iStick Tria with ELLO S is exactly that type of e-cigarette that is accepted and popular among a great number of people. iStick Tria with ELLO S is a newly launched but popular e-cigarette product from Eleaf, one of the leading e-cigarette brands with rich experience. The reason why it achieves success is that it has functions that meet the needs of a majority of people.

Compared with those small size e-cigarette, iStick Tria with ELLO S is definitely a huge one with its size 41mm*41mm*114mm and weight 177g. Though it doesn't have advantages in weight and size, it attract people by its simple design. Different from those colorful and fancy e-cigarette, iStick Tria with ELLO S uses only two to three colors in a product and only three colors is available now, including, black silver and greenery.

Powerful battery
iStick Tria with ELLO S applies three 18650 batteries and It is capable of having a massive output power of 300W, which means that it can produce enormous vapor at once. With this function, it attracted a great number of people who loves heavy vapor. If you are a member of them, It is highly recommended that you have a try.

Extendable e-liquid capacity
For some people that prefer small liquid capacity, they can use the smaller glass e-liquid tube, which is 2ml. For people who likes larger liquid capacity, they can replace the pre -installed small glass tube with the larger one and an extra air pipe that are both put in the package.

Retractable atomizer
iStick Tria with ELLO S atomizer is retractable and as a result, It is convenient to cleaning. And if we want to refill the e-liquid, then we only need to retract the atomizer top and fill it with new e-liquid.

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